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Losing Too Much Hair?


The solution is not complicated nor expensive from new studies


The Traditional and Natural Way

When it comes to hair health, our concern should be in 2 areas.

Firstly, the hair integrity (hair shaft) and its exposure above the scalp skin. Secondly, the hair condition below the scalp skin that is responsible for hair growth.  

Lets begin by identifying some common causes of hair loss/falls prematurely:

1.Daily hair wash will lead to more hair loss due to shampoo scrubbing, towel drying and combing/brushing.

2 Using harsh chemical shampoos and conditioner

3.Hair dyeing has gained popularity, but many dyes are very harsh and toxic to the scalp and hair that causes inflammation to the scalp.

4.High-heat hair drying or hot oil treatment

5.Environmental factors such as smoking, air conditioning and sun exposure

6.Poor diet

7. What is water turgidity or hygral fatigue – when hair shaft is void of hair keratin protein, water will fill and swell it and prevent any protein or nutrient absorption. Hence hair falls.

Do you know that our hair is stronger than the nylon string or copper fibre. Yet all above activities over time leads to erosion of protein in our hair shaft. Consequently hair weakened, damaged and falls.


Yes, and here is the science explanation

Coconut oil traditionally has been used by people living in islands and coastal areas as a hair conditioner since coconut trees are grown wild and easily available in sandy soil. Some even claim that with frequent daily application, coconut oil has kept their hair black and no sign of greying. They are known to have lush thick dark hair. For those with frizzy hair, coconut oil is a natural conditioner that helps to moisturize and soften your hair, thus gives more body to make it manageable. It not only improves the health and appearance of your hair, but also protects it from damage created by above activities. 

Biococo’s Natural Hair Soap uses its own unique and premium 100% no heat virgin coconut oil’s medium chain triglycerides (MCT). Its  Caprylic and capric fatty acids from MCT oil will layer the hair cuticle surface to protect against free radicals that strip away the hair protein. It also ensures a smooth silky feel during combing and brushing that causes static electricity.

Biococo’s Natural Hair Soap contains bioactive antioxidant Vitamin E tocopherol that will neutralize free radicals that attacks and weakens the scalp and hair structure. Well known for its deep moisturising and repair properties, virgin coconut oil’s vitamin E is also anti-inflammatory to reduce itch and help control dandruff. 

During a hot shower, our skin natural oils are often stripped away by hot water or harsh products. Biococo Hair Soap uses premium soap making ingredient vegetable Glycerin due to its natural emollient- its ability to lock in our skin’s natural moisture and prevent dryness. This will be beneficial to those with dry and itchy scalp and skin. Vegetable glycerin has also exfoliating properties, removing old and dry skin to give an even skin tone. 

Why Biococo Glycerin Hair Bar Soap ?

Our scalp is the most absorbent part of our body. An average person has 100,000 hair follicles on the scalp. Therefore, its vital that ingredients used for hair wash be as natural such as its main foaming ‘detergent’. Coconut has been traditionally a natural fatty acid detergent for bar soaps before it was replaced by cheaper and abundant palm oil. It gently and effectively removes dirt and oxidized skin oil without stripping the natural skin oil. As glycerin bar soaps contain little water, there is no need of preservatives and chemical emulsifiers like liquid shampoo and body gel.

(Interesting note -Bar soaps are replacing liquid shampoos and body gel in Europe stores due to environment pollution concerns - with tons of chemical additives, artificial colouring, fragrances and plastic bottles ending in oceans every year)

Why geranium essential oil scent? It is known to help hair growth, and its sweet scent is so revitalising and uplifting after every wash. 

All Biococo’s bar soaps uses natural botanical ingredients and are safe. It does not contain any sulfates, derived minerals (from hydrocarbon petroleum), preservatives and emulsifiers. 

So now you are more knowledgeable on how our Natural Glycerin Hair Soap can help to prevent pre-mature hair loss. How about stimulating hair growth from pre-mature loss and ageing? This requires to address the issue below the scalp skin, the hair stemcells.

For write-up on this, read BIOCOCO’s 100% Natural Hair Treatment Oil , click here ..

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Looking Naturally Good

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