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Is Virgin Coconut Oil Nature's Answer To Our Skin Care


Here are 9 reasons: 

..VCO (virgin coconut oil) is a natural moisturizer to our skin. Both coconut oil and our skin has similar lipids (or fats) called medium-chain triglyceride. These lipids are an important component of living cells in our skin and body. Due to its similarity, vco absorbs much better into our skin and moisturize more easily. It penetrates deep into our skin and provides longer protection. And it does not clog pores. Most oils are long-chain triglycerides, so does not absorb as well into the skin. More importantly, unlike many commercial moisturisers that just provide a temporary relief (using popular mineral oil from petroleum), vco can heal the dry or infected skin. When we apply vco to our skin, it feeds the skin cells with MCT. This MCT will energise the cells to generate biological activities to rejuvenate and repair our skin. 

..VCO is a natural emollient (skin softener) that improves appearance of wrinkled and fine lines to give us the soft, smooth and velvety feel. Islanders and farmers living along coastal areas that feeds regularly on food cooked in coconut oil and drink coconut water, are found to possess youthful and healthy skin complexion.

..VCO exfoliates human skin naturally, it encourages shedding of layers of dull and dead skin. All day and everyday, our stem cells are producing millions of skin cells (keratinocytes). As new cells are formed, it will push up the older ones continuously till it reaches the skin surface. This lifecycle takes 25 to 45 days, and the cells that are now dead are compressed into 25 to 30 layers. As we age, the generation of new cells slows and the dead skin remains at the surface longer, hence the skin looks dull and even flaky. Applying vco will stimulate removal of layers of dead skin cells to reveal a clear, silky smoother and healthy skin. 

..VCO restores skin protective layerOur skin surface is supposed to be slightly acidic (fatty acid produced by our skin sebum) to fight harmful bacteria from our environment. So when we wash our body with soap - which is alkali to clean, we are actually making our skin less acidic and therefore more prone to infection by bad bacteria such as acne or fungal diseases. Applying VCO will restore and re-establish the natural protective acidic layer. The medium chain triglyceride of vco will provide as food to the good lipophilic bacteria (found on the surface of our skin) to consume and convert it to medium chain fatty acids(which is acidic) to activate its anti-microbial power. Only after this process is done, can the protective layer takes effect and eliminating of the bacteria can takes place.

..VCO has antiseptic properties. Medium chain triglycerides(MCT) in vco contains lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which are known to kill bacteria, fungi, virus and parasites on and in our skin and body. This MCT in coconut oil is identical to MCT found in mother’s breast milk colostrum, which provides powerful anti-microbial protection for babies while their immune system is being developed.

..VCO is hypoallergenic (non-allergic). Coconut is commonly mistaken as a nut, which can trigger an allergic reaction. It’s a fruit so unlikely to cause any allergy especially when consumed or applied on skin. So its highly suitable for those with sensitive skin. People with allergies tend to have dry skin; applying vco which is non-allergenic and has anti-inflammatory properties, will help soothe their skin.

..VCO is an antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals created from sun, pollution, smoke and even unhealthy food, that causes pre-mature ageing of skin and some can even lead to cancer. These free radicals attack our healthy cells. Plants such as coconut trees are constantly exposed to sun to grow. Nature has provided them with antioxidants in the plant cells to neutralize free radicals formed from UV damage. However, when these free radicals are overwhelming in numbers in our body, the antioxidants present may not be sufficient to reduce their destructive effect. When we increase our diet with vco, it not only increase antioxidants for protection but also heal and repair the cells. In the Pacific Islands, it is a tradition for people to apply coconut oil in the morning to protect them from the hot blistering sun. Seldom do you hear of skin cancer despite long hours of sun exposure especially out fishing. The antioxidant in coconut oil is capable of providing cellular protection from lipid peroxidation by UV.

 ..VCO absorbs well into our skin due to its medium-chain molecules size which are smaller compared to most oils which are long chain. (BIOCOCO’s Skin health & Beauty Moisturising Oil is even better in absorption). 

..VCO is also anti-InflammatoryIt helps to diminish itchiness and inflammation fairly quick. So use it to treat insect bites, cuts, allergies and other skin inflammation.

..Tip on choosing your natural skincare, if you can’t eat it, then don’t use it on your skin! Oils are readily absorbed into the skin and into our bloodstream, so take care in selecting a healthy oil so that it does not harm your body internally.

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