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Does Your Face Deserve to be Gently Cleaned, Smoother and Healthier, Naturally?

Then it's time to switch to natural bar soaps or oil-based cleansers. Your skin deserves your tender loving care. 

Your daily twice a day regime to achieve a squeaky clean skin can actually be detrimental to your skin health. You may have inadvertently removed your body’s coat of waxy natural oil (sebum’s fatty acids) that moisturizes and protect your skin. 

Even if you are working in the hot, humid and dusty environment, there is no need to use such harsh cleansers. The strong synthetic chemicals only do damage by stripping away your skin’s natural film of oil that protects you against the environment’s dusty, polluted air and kills the good bacteria that activates anti bacterial defence of your skin against foreign pathogens. A simple natural cleanser without paraben or SLS/SLES chemicals, minerals, emulsifiers or preservatives, will do an effective job of cleansing the face of dirt and oxidized grease.  

Coconut oil is traditionally used as a natural soap-making ingredient (till the arrival of cheaper and abundant palm oil). The long rectangular bar is cut up for laundry, bathing and cleaning of kitchen utensils.  But coconut oil is far more superior than palm oil, it not only cleans but also moisturizes your hands and bodyIt softens the skin due to its natural emollient effect, naturally exfoliates dull and dead layers of skin, and has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that treats skin disorders. In commercial soaps (and toothpaste), the very harmful and controversial chemical ingredient triclosan is added to create anti-bacterial effect. With coconut oil as an ingredient, there is no longer any need.

And the wonderful thing is that coconut-oil based soaps contains natural fatty acids that cleans and removes the oxidized oil and dirt from the face without stripping its natural facial oil. This natural fatty acids lather richly and easily. Coconut oil is also hypoallergenic, which means it is unlikely to cause any allergy. In fact, it has anti-inflammatory properties. So its suitable for sensitive and dry skin too.

Glycerin Ingredient? Why

Glycerin is derived from vegetable oil, and is the gold standard ingredient for moisturizing soaps. When glycerin soaps are applied, its small molecules are absorbed to the surface of our skin. As a humectant, glycerin draws and traps moisture to hydrate the skin. It is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and helps to reduce oily skin. It lathers easily and last longer as it contains very little water, unlike commercial soaps.

BIOCOCO Natural Soaps contains both virgin coconut oil and glycerin as its main ingredients due to the combine strong benefits above for users. With added super antioxidant tocotrienol vitamin E ingredient, BIOCOCO’s Face Soap is popular (BIOCOCO’s 2nd best-selling product) due to its gentle cleansing yet nourish the skin and neutralize free radicals that causes pre-mature ageing. Your skin does not feel dry because coconut oil fatty acids cleans and moisturize at the same time, without removing your natural oil. BIOCOCO’s Glycerin Soaps are in traditional bar forms as they do not need to add emulsifiers and preservatives, unlike liquid soaps. After switching to natural soaps and cleansers, you can expect a silky smoother, softer and healthier skin. 

BIOCOCO”s 100% Natural Facial Cleanser Oil is marvelous for removing make up and eye mascara. Just apply, rub gently against the make up and see it melt away. No more strong or harsh commercial cleansers or strong soaps required to wipe it away. Use gentle soap to wash away the residuals if any. MCT coconut oil once again is a natural cleanser, moisturizer and emollient to soften the skin. It exfoliates dull and dead skin, and does not clog pores nor cause oily skin. 

And to top it all, both BIOCOCO NATURAL FACE AND BODY SOAPS, AND FACIAL CLEANSER uses refreshing pure essential oils such as geranium, citrus blend and tea tree, to uplift your senses. 

For all skin types especially sensitive skin.

All BIOCOCO products do not contain alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, mineral oil, additives or preservatives that causes irritation, allergy & other skin problems, or chemical sun protection filters (SPF)

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Looking Naturally Good 


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